Licensing & Financial Terms

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Native Traits Standard license terms for Native Traits allows the use of commercially available licensed traits for research, breeding and development of new varieties. Once a standard license has been granted, a licensee can directly access the licensed technology by incorporating the relevant commercial Syngenta variety into their breeding program. Standard license terms on the patent: Depending on the trait, a fixed royalty fee or a fee per unit of seed will apply for companies. When applicable, access to materials, know-how and a trademark license can be part of the agreement. Free access for not-for-profit organizations: Non-for-profit entities can access the traits for research purposes at no cost. Enabling Technologies A portfolio of about 50 Enabling Technology patents is offered for licensing to Not-for-profit entities and companies can access a portfolio of Enabling Technologies including technologies for gene expression, hybrid development, protein targeting and plant transformation. Standard license terms: Standard terms permit the use of licensed technology for research, breeding and commercial purposes. Once a standard license has been granted, a licensee can directly use the licensed technology in their research and development programs. For each class, the licensee of Enabling Technology will pay a signing fee and annual maintenance fee depending on the company size (small, medium, large), and a commercialization fee. Specific details can be found by clicking on the relevant technology in our catalog. Discount terms: A licensee purchasing two Enabling Technology licenses will receive a discount of 25% on each of the fees paid to Syngenta. For three or more licenses there is a discount of 35% on each of the fees paid to Syngenta. Free assess fro not-for-profit organizations: Not-for-profit entities can access the technologies in every class for research purposes at no cost