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Enabling Technologies play a key role in the success of crop research and development programs. They refer to underlying technologies that enable development of new plant varieties, including technologies for plant transformation, gene expression, protein targeting, hybrid development and RNAi technology.

  • Plant transformation technology allows breeders to insert the desired combination of genes into a host plant using new methods or specific gene vectors.

  • Gene expression technologies help to either overexpress genes or establish organ specific or developmental specific expression of those genes. Modulating the expression of a plant genome also helps in optimizing its performance or studying gene functions.
  • Protein targeting technologies are plant signal sequences for targeting proteins of interest to the desired plant cell compartment.
  • Hybrid technologies are useful to cross-pollinate two inbred plants, primarily by making a male or female parent sterile, so that the hybrid offspring will produce more grain, fruit, or flowers.
  • RNAi technology can be used as a tool to evaluate and/or alter gene expression.

Syngenta is proud to empower research labs around the world with our Enabling Technologies (ET) patents. We hope you will make the most of these cutting edge innovations.

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