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Time to connect to Syngenta


We are trying to improve innovation in global plant breeding by providing a transparent overview of our patented technologies and traits. The idea is to make it easier to exchange trait know-how and genetic breeding material to fuel innovation in plant breeding and more actively collaborate in the development of diverse new crop varieties. Collaboration is essential in an industry that has to address climate-change challenges as well as a growing world population and consumer demands for higher quality products.

The challenges before us are unprecedented in magnitude and in complexity, and so we want to combine high quality germplasm with top quality traits to meet these needs with high consumer value. Open innovation will get us there faster.

We’re excited about the possibilities TraitAbility brings to the table as an enabler for collaboration. The food security problem is bigger than any one company, but Syngenta wants to do its part to help push the issue forward. We invite you to take a look, and engage with our licensing managers and start the discussions Please also feel free to send us any feedback or ideas you have to improve.