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High Vigor Brassicas

Brassica with enhanced seed vigor

Seed quality, as defined by the number of uniform usable plants obtainable from a seed batch, is becoming an ever more important trait in developed horticulture markets. Raising young plants is a highly technological activity in these markets and demands with respect to seed quality are therefore very high. Reliable and consistently high seed quality is required for this as well as germination under adverse conditions. This means that one important requirement for commercial success of seed varieties is consistent and robust seed quality.

This present invention relates to the identification of a small introgression region of which the corresponding genes enhance seed vigor and the speed of seed germination. This locus called SOG1 was shown to contain several genes that can modify seed vigor and germination speed. These genes can be introgressed or introduced into new genetic backgrounds in order to modulate the seed vigor of the newly created plants.


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Financial Terms

Based on FRAND license terms Syngenta asks a royalty on net sales for the use of this resistance locus in commercial varieties.

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Access to trait know-how and molecular markers to increase the efficiency with which the trait can be introduced into the market will be negotiated as a lump-sum fee or an additional royalty rate.

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