Pollinizer Watermelon

Enhanced watermelon pollenizer to increase seedless watermelon yield


An enhanced, diploid pollenizer watermelon plant is either a hybrid variety, an open-pollinated variety or a synthetic variety, that exhibits the characteristics of small leaves and fruit with a brittle rind that splits when the fruit is overripe. The plant exhibits extended flowering duration, thereby increasing the number of triploid watermelon flowers that are pollinated and set fruit.

Thus, as it is less competitive for light, water and fertilizers, enhanced watermelon pollenizers are grown closer to the triploid watermelon plants, and do not need dedicated space to grow. When enhanced pollenizers are used, the triploid seedless watermelon plants are typically grown in solid rows at a standard spacing, the enhanced watermelon pollenizer being then inter-planted between the plants within the rows. The result is a significantly higher number of triploid watermelon plants per acre compared to the number of triploid watermelon plants that has traditionally been planted, and higher yields of seedless fruits.


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