Seedless Pepper Plants

Method for growing seedless pepper plants


Various methods for producing seedless fruit have been disclosed. For example, there is a method of treating a usual seed plant with a plant hormone so as to thereby produce seedless fruit. Mainly used are colchicine for watermelons and gibberellin for grapes. However, in the method of using a plant hormone, it is necessary to treat each individual plant with the plant hormone at respectively appropriate amounts and for an appropriate time, which problematically takes a lot of labor.

An object of the present invention is to provide a plant capable of bearing seedless fruit stably over several generations, a seedless fruit generated from this plant, a method of producing a variety capable of readily and reliably bearing seedless fruit, a variety produced by this production method, and seedless fruit generated from the thus produced variety.

This patent describes pepper plants capable of bearing such seedless fruits stably over several generations.


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