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Small Size Seedless Watermelon

Triploid watermelons producing small fruits

In order to make seedless watermelons, triploid watermelon varieties are being used. These triploids are derived from a cross between a diploid and tetraploid watermelon. Triploid seedless watermelon is a true F1 hybrid between a tetraploid watermelon, as the female parent, and a diploid watermelon, as the male parent.

Tetraploid watermelon inbreds are described as well as the methods of propagating the tetraploid inbreds through seeds and tissue culture.

The described tetraploid watermelons are particularly suitable as parent for triploid hybrids watermelons. They produce small fruits with a very thin rind and have a high content of soluble solids. Importantly, the tetraploid watermelons of this present invention are capable of transmitting these desirable characteristics to their triploid progeny when crossed with diploid watermelons. This results in producing small, seedless fruits with high flesh content while maintaining high standards of fruit taste and texture.


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