Storability Pepper

Pepper having extended storability on plant


Capsicum annuum plants that are capable of producing fruits exhibiting extended storability on plant after the full coloring of fruits.

This native trait provides pepper plants with extended full color fruit storability on the plant. Varieties containing this trait have an additional fruit harvest time extension of one week compared to fruits from pepper varieties without the trait.

Advantage to the producer: allows for longer harvest period with lower harvest frequency of the crop, while maintaining high fruit quality and avoiding losses; allows for better planning of labor and for better planning of sales and delivery of the product, thereby substantially reducing losses in the business value chains, as well as optimizing selling prices and profits.

Advantage to the shipper / wholesaler: allows for improved reliability of supply, enhanced efficiency in logistics and planning, and greater consistency in quantity and quality.

Advantage to the retailer: allows for optimized shelf space use and greater consistency in quantity and quality.

Advantage to the consumer: allows for better availability of the product and greater consistency in quality.


Commercial variety: Rapido


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Financial terms

Based on FRAND license terms Syngenta asks a royalty on net sales for the use of this resistance locus in your commercial varieties.

You can review an example of a standard license agreement by clicking on the link: Standard License Agreement

Access to additional trait know-how and molecular markers to increase the efficiency with which the trait can be introduced into the market will be negotiated as a lump-sum or an additional royalty rate.

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