White Fly Pepper

White Fly resistant Pepper plants


This native trait provides pepper plants with resistance against white flies and thrips. Pepper varieties containing the trait show a high level of resistance which lowers the need for application of crop protection chemicals to contain the white fly population. Furthermore, it provides the farmer with a higher yield potential.

Among insect pest affecting peppers, the white fly Bemisia tabaci ( Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae ) and various thrips species such as the Western Flower Thrips: Franklinieila occidentalis , the Onion Thrips: Thrips tabaci . the Chilli Thrips Scirtothrips dorsaiis , and the Melon Thrips Thrips palmi are particularly devastating.

This present invention provides a cultivated Capsicum annuum plant which is resistance to infestations by insects of the genus Bemisia, but especially to infestations by Bemisia tabaci.

This trait can be introduced into pepper parental lines for use in producing pepper commercial hybrid varieties that are resistant to white fly.


Commercial varieties: The first commercial varieties containing this trait are expected in 2017.


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